About Florence

I am a wife, a mother, a teacher.  I am fiercely loyal to my family and friends and am finding that I am becoming a woman with a stronger sense of purpose and love for life each and every day.  It hasn’t always been that way for me, however.  While pregnant with my son, the status quo of how I was living, leading or more aptly put, stagnantly watching life pass me by, was no longer an option.

Like so many before me and so many after me, God threw me a curveball that would awaken every one of my senses as well as my appreciation for living life.  It took some time, however I learned that it was never a curse but rather the greatest gift.  I’m here to share experiences – those of my own, and some that I have been privileged to observe from the sidelines…the joys and the sorrows, the questions and the answers, the challenges as well as the triumphs.  I’m here to be a part of a great dialogue.

Over the years, I have learned, and continue to learn, that there are no accidents or coincidences but rather only divine order for each and every step we take as well as every fork in the road we navigate.  I have found that so many times we tread those waters and roads in fear rather than bursting forward with faith and courage.  Together, however, we will bravely go forward and live the lives that have been divinely and beautifully put before for us.

With gratitude and blessings,