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The Daily OM
I discovered this site after reading “Waiting for Autumn” by Scott Blum.  He and his wife started this amazing community for people on their journey to discover what spirituality means to them.  The site has a gift shop, a library of great books, and online classes as well.  You can also sign up for daily digests from Madyson Taylor, Scott’s wife and author of “Daily OM: Learning to Live” which is a collection of her daily digests.  Her messages always seem to arrive at the right time to remind me of the important things I should be focusing on rather than getting caught up in energy-draining pursuits that don’t serve me in a positive manner.  This is an amazing couple who are enlightening a lot of people with their work.  ~Lydia

My Hat Trick – Making meaningful connections between mind,
body, and spirit
One of my favorite authors, readers and go – tos! She just makes everything seem “right” again! ~ Florence

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