Listen… There Are No “Coincidences”

I hate to start a post out this way, but sometimes we all need to be reminded of those things that shake us to the core of our self to force us to really watch and listen.  Certain experiences in our lives help to keep us awake and aware of the world around us, and the small things that add up to make the big things we remember most.

September 11 is a day many of us will recall as one of huge tragedy.  But, there were many people that day who had experienced what they thought were “coincidences”.  Those experiences were their guides and angels protecting them that fateful morning.  Alarms clocks mysteriously did not go off as they usually did every morning, buses and trains were late, taxis were no where to be found.  Because of those “coincidences”, many people were spared that day.

“Coincidences” happen every day for each of us.  Only, how often do we pause to wonder what a blessing these small events are in our lives.  Like when the person working the register at the grocery store starts to tell you a story about someone they know who is in crisis, and that person sounds just like you.  You listen intently (or you should) to what the outcome was for that person… because, somewhere in that story, there is a lesson for you.  A very important message being delivered to you by your angels and guides through a stranger. Trust me, because once you start to listen and be more aware of things happening around you, the universe will deliver messages in the most interesting ways.  

Consider that everyone you meet in this life has a message for you.  Some are joyful when they are delivered, some are painful, but all are necessary for us to learn the lessons we are here to learn.  Each coincidence helps keep us on the right path, to us be more true to ourselves, to help us contribute to the universe in a more positive way, to help us learn what real love is.  The list goes on.  You can fill in your own blank.. if you listen.

If you keep hearing a friend’s name over and over for some reason, they probably are thinking of you or perhaps they could really benefit from a call from you.  Pay attention.  Perhaps it’s not someone’s name, but something unique about them that keeps appearing in front of you like a bumper sticker from their college, or an out-of-state license plate that you see on three different cars on the way to work one morning.  Coincidence?  I don’t believe in coincidences anymore.  Everything means something if you are willing to listen. 

We are all traveling down this path of life, but sometimes we get distracted by our pain, the business of “things”, money, whatever it is.  Those are the most important times in our life to listen.  Because during those “messed up” times is when we need the most help finding our way, and trust me… you will get a message that will get your life back in focus where it needs to be heading.  If you only listen.

And, remember when you get those messages… be grateful and give thanks to those giving them to you.  It’s the right thing to do, and it will keep the wonderful messages of guidance coming your way.

Love and Light,

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