Love Who Surrounds You!

I love validations, signs, billboards from God…whatever you want to call them.  In the past 24 hours I have been inundated with them with regards to one specific theme – with whom do we want to surround ourselves? 

Do those in our lives fill us up, lift us up, support, guide, love, nurture, protect and defend us or do they simply bring us down?  I received the first “sign” via an email from a friend with astrological projections for the coming days (um, thanks Lydia for always making sure that I know what the heck is going on – love you!).  The second sign came when I piggybacked on Lydia’s forward thinking and took some time to look at my astrological forecast for 2011, the month of January, this week and finally this day!  Each one of them gave me further validation that I need to really need to sit back and assess the people who are in my immediate sphere and whether or not they are there for my greater good (and theirs too really) or not.  I’m starting to understand that I don’t have to “chop off the head of the snake” and eliminate them completely from my memory bank but that I do need to separate and put some distance between myself and the naysayers who bring gloom and doom to my world.  I have to protect my energy.

The final billboard came late last night as I read a note from a long, lost friend.  A dear friend with whom I had lost contact for nearly 20 years.  She had always been the most kind, patient and non judging sort of friend.  You know the kind… the one who is always bottle half full, always so nice that you look in the mirror and think “wow, I don’t think I could be that nice for a single day let alone my whole life” sort of nice!  Anyhow, she started a sentence with “I’m going to tell you something that I don’t tell many people because I feel that people look down on me…”  My stomach was sick when I continued and read.  What she was so afraid of putting out there was something that I admired and envied in her so much.  I envied her courage, perseverance and ambition.  I found her reality and her “realness” to be so refreshing and it revved me up, lifted me and also sobered me.

I realized that we are all surrounded by so many people and things in our lives, sometimes by choice and sometimes completely inadvertently, that just don’t serve our higher purpose.  So today I have challenged myself to take a few steps back and “clean house” so to speak.  Maybe I’ll wipe some of those factions that cause me angst on Facebook (c’mon, you know what I’m talking about – those FB “friends” that “friended” you but you keep ‘em on your list because it’s easier than not); maybe I’ll just not return that phone call or two today that are sure to bring me down.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll have the courage today to stand up to that one person and speak my personal truth. 

Today I have the courage to simplify.  It will be baby steps for sure, but today I have the courage and the self preserving need to simplify and if not eliminate, trim down, those who frankly are baggage and suck life from me rather than fill me with inspiration and joy and love…  Today is a good day!

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  1. Florence says:

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  2. Staysha says:

    Glad I’ve finllay found something I agree with!

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