It’s A Brand New Year…

Happy New Year!

As I sit here for a moment on the eve of  a brand new year, and I literally mean a moment as the demands of life are quite literally beating on my door (aka a nine year old banging the door), I have decided to do something I have never done before…RESOLUTIONS!

I could put it out there that I resolve to eat well and work out every day and lose weight.  But, let’s be real… that is going straight out the window when I pass McDonald’s in a little while and you know, that’s not really the kind of resolution I’m thinking about.  Please, make no mistake, fitting into that bathing suit would awesome, really awesome, however I have this yearning deep inside for something more this year and I’m hoping that by writing it here I will have more accountability and courage as well as a forum for support on the days that I find it hard to live up to my own expectations so here goes!    

In 2011 I resolve to…

  • Clean less and live more… my nine year old doesn’t care if his toilet is so squeaky clean you could eat off of it (okay, gross!), but he does care if I toss around the football with him!
  • Stop worrying about what others will think and do what works for me…hey, it takes a strong woman to admit that she DVR’s Pretty Little Liars each week without fail and sneaks to watch each episode!
  • Enjoy every sip of wine to its fullest potential… I don’t care what the neighbors think, if I want a glass of wine at 330p, by golly, I’m gonna drink it this year!
  • Live and Let Live… I resolve to judge less and to let go of those who are spending far too much time judging me (see items 1 through 3 above).
  • Try to embrace Facebook!  I resolve to try to look at Facebook with an open mind and open heart rather than a scary beast out to destroy my life (again, see above).
  • Speak my mind a little more rather than choke back even when I know it needs to be said!
  • Write!  See number 1 resolution… the house is never going to be completely clean.  There, I said it!  And you know what, who wants to eat off of the toilet anyways?  So I resolve to give myself permission to pursue my passions and order take out Chinese when I’m on a roll rather than worry about fixing a gourmet meal each day for my family for dinner!
  • Surround myself with those who let me be me without apology or remorse.  It’s been a long time since I’ve let myself feel this.  Maybe I’m a masochist but I tend to let people in my world who stifle me or want to hold me back rather than encourage me to spread my wings.  My wings can’t be clipped this year!  They are too anxious to fly me to places I’ve never allowed myself to go!

Hmmm… I see a theme forming here! 

Bottom line, this year I resolve to stop living in fear of what others think, believe or see but rather live in faith and the knowing that God and my Angels have huge, monumental plans for me and my life.  I resolve to be open to their nudging and whispers and billboards and to act rather than step back in fear and insecurity!  I resolve to LIVE, LIVE, LIVE!

There, I have said it.  I am letting go of the irrational fears and insecurities that held me back this year and I am going forward with perseverance, faith and my angels on my wings.  They’ve got my back; they always have, now it’s time to trust… and if I play my cards right, that elusive bathing suit might just fit too!

With love and faith,


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One Response to It’s A Brand New Year…

  1. Lydia says:


    Happy New Year! I am so proud of you for getting your resolutions down on paper, screen, whatever… I have that on my to-do list. Tomorrow when the family is headed back home from their holiday visit I will find some quiet time for myself to reflect on the year ahead.

    I was totally “buzzed” by my angels when I read your last bullet about surrounding yourself with people who “let you be”. I hope more people realize in the new year that those who care the most are the ones who don’t care if your toilet is clean. Although, we prefer to eat in the kitchen or dining room.

    Love you sister. You really are the greatest, and I got your back so spread those wings as wide as they will go.

    Love and Light,

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