Without darkness there is no light

It seems to me there is a growing number of people around me going through hard times lately.  Friends losing jobs, being out of work for not just months but years, ugly divorces, destructive relationships, loss of loved ones, general loneliness and despair… the list goes on.  Many of these experiences are causing the people in my life to reflect on the decisions they made both in the past and recently.  They are going through a personal reflection of “cause and effect” as to how their personal choices are determining the outcome of their experiences.  What they are also beginning to realize, if they are lucky, is that without the hard life lessons it is hard to recognize the times of joy and prosperity.

We all hate to suffer.  That’s why most of us avoid the gym even though it makes us feel better afterwards.  Getting there is hard because we know it will probably be a little painful or at least make us uncomfortable for a while.  But, the reward is that our clothes fit better, we have more energy, and usually sleep a lot sounder after we spend some time investing in the health of our bodies. 

What I see today is that the universe is teaching many of us some very important life lessons regarding the health of our souls.  Life lessons like “treating others the way we would like to be treated”, “giving without conditions attached”, and “reserving to pass judgement on others” because we are not aware of what experiences have put them in the place they are right now. 

The reason I used the words “if they are lucky” above, is because understanding the reason behind the dark times in our lives requires us to be “awake” and willing to listen to what life is trying to teach us, and not hide in the darkness by playing the role of the victim or martyr.  Neither of those roles will serve anyone well, and will just result in more cycles of hard life lessons until you face them head on.  Next time you are having a rough day, ask yourself this question, “what choices did I make that brought me to this place?”.  And, really listen to the answer.  Were your choices coming from a place of love or hate, gift or greed, Ego or selflessness?  Did you consider the consequences of your choices on others?

I watched a video on youtube recently of a young girl talking about how we are “all one and the same”.  We share the same energy,  and when your choices leave a wake of hurtful consequences… you are in essence hurting yourself.  You may not feel it today, but eventually you will have a moment when it is the universe’s turn to teach you a lesson.  It’s called karma.  Remember that what goes around, really does come around.  We each have at least one turn on the karma wheel.

But, remember that without the darkness… you will never learn how to appreciate the light in your life.  So, learn to fully experience the darkness… live through it without thinking of yourself as a victim, but as a student.  Because the rewards of our life lessons are truly wonderful and great.  They can be found in the light. 

Love and Light,

P.S. Just after I posted this, I found this from DailyOM on my Facebook wall: http://www.dailyom.com/articles/2010/26687.html
“When we are dealing with sadness it is important to really sit with it and have the courage to do so.

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