There Is Clarity in the Emptiness

I am the kind of person who has trouble doing “nothing”. In the past few days I have consumed a lot of content that has led me to a light bulb moment this morning.  I don’t know much about Buddhism, but I believe it’s about quieting the mind and finding stillness.  I know now that most times I avoid being still with purpose.  I find something to pick up and work with my hands like crochet or quilting, or I occupy my mind with a game of solitaire on my smart phone.

I read a funny article yesterday that women and men are different, because most women can’t just do “nothing” and it frustrates them with how easy the men in their lives can just do “nothing” and do it often. What I realized this morning is that doing “nothing” is important, but maybe in my case I need to do it with more purpose.

When we take the time to do “nothing”, we allow ourselves to sit in a space of “stillness” or what a lot of people call “mindfulness”.  But, I think it’s the opposite for me. My place of “mindfulness” is actually a clearing of the distractions in my mind that keep me from being focused on my authentic reality.  Not the noise around me, but the voices within. I have realized that when I quiet my mind and go into that place of “doing nothing”, I can actually hear what I need to hear from my authentic self.  The “emptiness” in my mind begins to fill with real authentic thoughts and feelings about where my life is today, what I need and want, without the distractions of what society or my social circles want or need from me.

When I take the time to “empty” the noise from my mind, I can refill my bucket with the things that matter most to my authentic self, and in turn live a better and more purposeful life for me and those around me.

Today I am grateful for the quiet. The emptiness. The promise of filling my bucket with the things that matter, and will make a difference for me and the people I love.

I am thankful for the clarity.

Love and Light,

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