Unexpected Joy

This morning I headed to the post office to ship Christmas to its various destinations around the country.  I pulled in at 7:55 am to a line that wrapped outside and down the sidewalk.  The post office doesn’t even open until 8 am.  I took a deep breath and started heaving my boxes out of the car.

As I unloaded my boxes and set them on the curb, the line started moving.  I was a train wreck to watch as I dropped boxes, tripped on my own feet and heaved a load far too large for one person.  Just then, this woman opens the door and says “let me help you”.  Then, another woman comes to the door and holds it for the both us.  Once inside, we all started chatting and laughing and telling stories and helping each other as well as the next person to walk through the doors with arms too full.  It was as if the twenty or so people in line were long lost friends.  The best of friends.  It was wonderful.  I’m pretty certain that had I been there any longer I would have invited each and every one of them to Christmas at my house.

I was utterly amazed at the “goodwill towards man” and the “holly, jolly” spirit of everyone waiting in that line.  Over an hour later, I walked out of the post office, able to check something off of my list that doesn’t end, and instead of feeling exhilarated that the task was complete, I almost felt, well, sad.  How crazy does that sound? 

Who knows if I will ever see any of those people ever again?  But, for that 70 or so minutes that I spent with them this morning, I am grateful.  I am grateful for their help, the laughs and most of all for the kind hearts I had the privilege of meeting this morning.  It was such a surprise and such a gift. 

This Christmas season and through the craziness and chaos, I wish for everyone to feel the joy and warm fuzzies that I felt this morning.  I hope we can all embrace even the most hideous tasks we face and find the joy in the most unexpected places and people.  Who knows what will happen at the grocery store this afternoon!

With gratitude and joy,


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