Love is in the Air….

Love is in the air and not just the romantic kind. Later this week I will be heading to the airport to pick my momma up so she can spend a long weekend with us. Shhh! Please don’t tell my ten year old, it’s a surprise. I sort of think of this as a belated Valentine’s gift to our family. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to pull up at his school in carpool line with my secret magic trick in the passenger seat waiting to greet him. I’m mentally planning all of the things we are going to do but I can’t lie, we will never get to those elusive day trips, fabulous restaurants or tear jerking movies. Alas, ‘tis the life with a very busy child! Instead, we will go to taekwondo, a lacrosse game, a basketball game and two different two-hour lacrosse practices. But you wanna know another secret? It is going to be fabulous!

My mom and I talk. That’s what we do. Almost like clockwork, I call my mom first thing in the morning. Sometimes it is a quick three-minute or less call. Sometimes it is a forty-five minute call. Then, I generally call her again late in the afternoon. Did I mention that I might call another two, three or four times in between if I think of something else I need to tell her? So this trip, we will talk. She will make one of my favorite meals…again, shhh! I haven’t exactly told her that yet! Then, we will talk non-stop some more. My sweet hubby will nod a lot. He will go to the store before her arrival and make sure that she has her favorite M&M candy treats, hugs and warm greetings all around and then he will retreat. He never wants to interfere. Now, let me be the first to tell you, he NEVER interferes! Yet, I love and appreciate that he appreciates the time mom and I want to spend together.

Did I mention how excited my child will be when he sees his “papa”? Papa you ask? Why, yes, yes he does call her papa. Always has and always will, I hope. So this picture I have painted of these fabulous talks with wine and snacks are really a mirage in my brain as well. The real deal is that between all of the sporting activities, my son will dominate and monopolize every living, breathing and waking second with his papa. He will make her sit and watch him play a video game. He will play card game after card game with her! He will talk her ear off about anything and everything…did I mention that my son didn’t fall far from his momma’s tree? He will make her stand in the cold and watch him chase the dogs and vice versa. He will take her outside and try to teach her all of the intricacies of the game of lacrosse. He will also sit her down and try to persuade her of all of the injustices that his daddy and I have bestowed upon him. And, you know what? My mom will eat up every single millisecond that she has to spend with this boy.

As I have said, love is on my mind. The love between grandchild and grandparent is undeniable, unbreakable and untouchable. I am so entirely bottom of my heart grateful that my son is so close to his papas and that they are here to love him with their whole hearts and allow themselves to be loved with this boy’s mammoth heart in return. My in-laws, or papas, live a short bike ride away and in addition to the other ten times each week that we see each other, we always have Sunday family dinner together. My boy calls his other papas, my dad and step mom, often and keeps them on the phone for a good hour, which is crazy because my dad just doesn’t talk that much! Then, he calls his other set of papas, my momma and step dad, and pours his little heart out again. It’s beautiful and glorious. It’s love. This boy is the blood and flesh of all these people and each one loves him as much as the next.

As cancer battles rage on and age continues to creep up on every one of us, I will cherish these times that my boy has with his papas. They each have lessons to teach him and stories to share. They’ll talk and they’ll love and then we will all talk a little more. Most of all, they each have so much love to embrace this little boy with whether it be in the flesh, through the telephone or via the computer and each encounter will begin and end with a simple yet profound “I love you”.

With Love and Grace,

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