A Time to Speak… A Time to Listen

As we get older, we like to believe we have all the answers.  What we need to understand is throughout our lifetime, there will be times when we will be the teacher… and other times the student.  There will be times when we will need to speak up, and when we need to quiet our minds and just listen.

The Teacher

Being the teacher requires us to share our experiences with others so that they can grow and become more enlightened, empathetic, grateful, loving, understanding, truthful… the list of lessons goes on.  It’s not always easy being the teacher, especially when the lessons are difficult ones and/or the student believes they already have all the answers… or just flat out refuses to learn.

The teacher delivers the lesson with the best intent, which ultimately is to help the student gain a new perspective on their life, one that will help them connect better with others and the world around them. 

Teachers have a difficult role.  Because every student comes with a different perspective and set of experiences.  Some learn through words being spoken, some through pictures being drawn, and others through hands-on experience. The Universe provides teachers to us in different forms.  Teachers may be complete strangers, family members, friends, coworkers, or social connections.  The list goes on.

It is important when you find yourself in the role of the teacher (whether by choice or not) you understand the importance of what you say and do.  To use your words and actions with intent, yet with compassion, non-judgement, and encouragement to get your point across gently yet with conviction.  Because what you are teaching must be conveyed with both importance and expected reward, or consequence, depending upon how it is received by the student. 

The Student

When we are put into the role of the student, we may not always like what our teachers are trying to get us to learn.  In some cases, we may be bored with it, or go directly to a place of denial, telling ourselves this is not our lesson to learn because we know it already.  Well, honestly if we already know it… then perhaps the problem is that we have not yet put what we know into practice.  So, this is a refresher course…. even more important to be still and listen. 

In other cases, we may be offended because the lesson requires us to admit that we have made a mistake that has caused not so pleasant consequences for both us and those around us.  We have to admit that we have been doing something that doesn’t contribute to the best interest of all involved… and that may be difficult for any of us. 

It doesn’t matter whether this indiscretion has been going on for a long time, or was a single occurrence. It doesn’t matter if it was committed with intent or by accident.  The consequences of the action still occurred…  resulting in an opportunity for us to learn something.

Listen up.  Here comes the important part.

Whether teacher or student, always be grateful for the lesson.  Accept it, move through it, experience it and graduate from it.  If you don’t, it will come back to you through someone else in some other place and time in your life.  If you face it, you can be done with it and hopefully not have to face it again.  If it does happen to come around again, know this… it will always be easier the next time around because you’ve been there before.

Love and Light,

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