Time to Release Our Fears and Manifest Change and Greatness

It’s a new year.  That means a lot of different things to each of us.  Primarily it means leaving another year behind, but more importantly getting a fresh start on something new.  Here is an exercise I go through each new years eve.  I write my lists and then I burn them with some sage and release them into the universe to work it’s magic on them.

List #1: Accomplishments

Every new year I go through this exercise in the hour before midnight.  I look back at the things I accomplished, lesson learned in both the experiences that served me in a positive way and those that appeared to not be so positive. 

The odd thing is that it’s all perspective.  Even those things that I feel were not serving me in a good way, taught me some lessons about myself.  I have a pretty strong mirror in the people closest to me, and those just passing through.  If I look closely enough, each one taught me something about myself through our interactions and experiences.  The key is to dig deep, examine them all, and be willing to listen.

Those times when people just pushed your buttons, they got in your way of getting things done, or better yet did things completely wrong (in your perception).  The times when people acted first before completely thinking through the consequences of their actions, to which you were the beneficiary of the bad results.  The times when people assumed you were on the same page as they were, when in reality they never shared with you their thoughts or feelings about it, which resulted in a bad situation as a result of a lack of communication.  Sound familiar?  Look at this list and see if there were times when you were the perpetrator…. and not the victim.  It is hard to see ourselves as the one creating the issues, but until we become aware that we are… we cannot correct our behaviour.

List #2: Lessons Learned Through Others

Today I will put together my list of things that I celebrated in the past year, but the other list I will write will contain the things people have done this year that have caused me pain, frustration and sadness.  Because, I am pretty certain that I have done all of these things to other people without realizing it.  It’s time to come clean and learn from them or I am certain that I will have the same experiences repeating themselves in the coming year.

List #3: Manifesting Greatness in the Year to Come

The third list I will make will be those things I pray for in the coming year.  The ones I want to manifest into my life.  That one is the easiest for most of us to write.  It’s pretty obvious to most of us… lose weight, get healthy, manage my money better, spend more time with friends and family, and have better work/life balance… easy stuff.

The one at the top of the list for me this year will be overcoming self sabotage combined with self doubt.  I hope I learn this lesson this year.  I have a few hours left to get it right.  And, it’s been in my face over the last couple days with a few people around me so I know it’s something I need to pay attention to right now.

I know I am on the cusp of some pretty amazing things in the coming year.  New relationships/partnerships, new business ventures, new experiences to enrich my life with even more meaning than it’s had before.  It’s all scary.  And, my tendency is to self sabotage things that are scary so they go away.  And, I am really good at it. I tell myself I am not capable, I am not worthy, someone else can do it better than me.  But, at the end of the day… NO ONE ELSE IS LIKE ME.  I am UNIQUE.  I should not be comparing myself to anyone else… but me. 

I am ready to change my thoughts in the coming year. 
Here we go, repeat after me:

  • I am unique.  I have characteristics that make me special and different than everyone else, which does not make me less worthy, but rather — even more valuable.
  • I deserve to have all those things that will make my life happy and fulfilled.  And, I deserve to have the right people in my life to share them with, people who appreciate them as much as I do.
  • I love myself because I am unique.   
  • The people who matter will see that I am unique and love me for that reason.  They will accept all the crazy things about me and not criticize, but see my characteristics as interesting and want to experience life with me.  We will challenge each other to push forward in getting the most out of who we are physically, spiritually, and intellectually.
  • I can do anything I set my mind to because I have an amazing team of angels guiding me on my path.  If I did not have the tools to accomplish these tasks, they never would have put me on this path. 
  • I will accept the challenges I face as opportunities to grow and become stronger than ever before. 
  • I will stop allowing my Ego to get in my way to happiness because of self doubt.

I am ready!!  Let’s do this.  Bring on the greatness.  I am standing here with open arms to receive.  I encourage you to open your arms as wide as you can and receive the new year with self assurance and gratefulness for what’s coming.  Believe that all these things are already yours, because they are.  All you have to do is accept them and say thank you.

Love and Light,

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