Demonstrating Gratefulness through Trust

As someone who writes regularly, the thesaurus has become one of my favorite tools for exploration.  Today I was compelled to examine the word “Trust”.  It is the foundation of a steady stance, a hand to hold in uncertain times, the voice of reason when your head is full of doubt.

According to Webster, the opposite of trust includes doubt, fear, and wonder. I look at those three examples and I understand the uncomfortable feeling of doubt and fear all too well and how it relates to a lack of trust… but, when I think of the word “wonder” it strikes a much more positive chord with me. 

Children are filled with wonder… they tend to turn a lack of trust into a sense of excitement over the unknown.  Christmas brings “wonder” into the eyes of a child each year.  Will Santa remember to visit my house, and what will he leave under my tree?  That excitement fueled by wonder builds in a child’s mind from Halloween all the way up to Christmas morning.

The hardest thing I have found lately is to to trust in myself. I could list a thousand accomplishments on a piece of paper and still have trouble trusting myself. Today I face a place on my path that is scary and overwhelming. My belief has been that once we lose trust in something or someone (including yourself), it is the hardest of all journies to regain.  Compared to the quest of the holy grail, the quest to regain trust appears to be a much bigger challenge in my mind.  But, even a lack of trust can be sparked by a situation that also includes a balance of wonder and faith.

As an adult, I have a hard time trusting in the unknown.  I want to know every detail of what’s ahead and be certain that the future will hold success.  I don’t like to fail.  However, when I look back on my failures I realize that each one has made me stronger.  Each one has given me tools to not make the same mistakes again in the future and the ability to shape my path in more positive directions.

We all are “co-creators” of our own realities.  If we don’t like where we are today, we do have the power to change our situation and affect the outcome in a different way.  This requires trusting ouselves.

I will start today with this mantra:

  • Today and each day is a gift.  I choose to make the most of that gift. 
  • Today I will show my gratitude for the life I have been given to experience. 
  • I will not be afraid, but will trust that whatever I face today is an experience designed just for me.
  • I will not waste my minutes with doubt, but will trust that I have been given everything I need to succeed. 
  • There are big plans for me and I am ready to face them with vigor.
  • Not everyone will support my choices, but I am ok with that outcome because I choose to be on the path that was chosen for me.
  • I trust in myself. 
  • I trust in my guides and angels. 
  • I trust in the Higher Power to lift me up if I start to slide toward doubting my abilities.
  • I know that I will have everything I need in the time that I need it, and everything that happens is for the greater good.
  • I deserve to have this success because it will allow me to give back exponentially.

This is one of my life challenges and I am ready to overcome it today.  I am ready to trust.

Love and Light,

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