Choosing to Let Others Choose For You

I have friends and family who travel their paths of life every day, afraid of change.  Afraid of making the wrong decision about something.  So, they choose to not make a choice.  Or, they let others choose for them. 

Perhaps they end up in this place where it’s easier to let someone else choose rather than risk making the wrong choice.  It gives them someone to blame later if things go wrong.  But, what if things could go amazingly right and you miss out on the opportunity because you let someone else determine your destiny?  What if right around that corner which you refuse to look around is something so amazing you cannot even begin to imagine such an experience?  And, you let someone else choose to point you in an entirely different direction because you were afraid to choose for yourself? 

Making life choices is a powerful thing.  It’s a blessing that we should not take lightly.  Not everyone has the opportunity to choose what lies ahead for them.  They can only choose how they will respond to their current situation.  But, if you look hard enough, there is always a choice in any given situation.

We choose to let others make choices for us in many ways.  We may provoke someone to fight with us if we no longer want them around, because it’s easier than telling them how we really feel.  We may simply let time run out until there is only one option to choose from, whether it’s the one we really wanted or not. We may ask our friends’ opinions about something and let the majority opinion determine our choice.

The thing is, when we make the decision to choose for ourselves how and when things happen in our lives, we get to feel the reward of it all.  Sometimes that reward is in hidden in making a less than desirable choice the first time around.  However, in doing so, we find that we appreciate the things we did not choose even more.  And, when another chance comes around for us to decide a similar fate, hopefully we have learned from our previous experience and choose more wisely the second time around.  That pattern of making choices whether good or bad, helps us grow to make better choices over time.

I understand that God and the universe has plans for all of us.  But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t participate in the plan.  I used to have a professor in college who talked about the properties of a ‘wind sock’.  I had no idea what this was until he explained it.  It’s basically this thing like a flag at the airport.  It helps to tell the direction of the wind based on the way the wind catches it.  He said some people live their lives like wind socks.  They never stand in their power, but rather are victims of the direction of the wind. 

Will you choose to be a wind sock, or will you find your own wind and take flight?

Love and Light,

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  2. Evaline says:

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