Energy and What it Means to Me

I am so grateful for my life.  For all the wonderful gifts I have been given.  For my beautiful  son who makes me laugh and smile every day. For my amazing mother who supports me even when we don’t agree.  For having a roof over my head, and food in my pantry.  For a wonderful network of friends who are my safety net of unconditional love when the world around me goes to hell. 

I am grateful for my abilities to see, feel and hear things that not everyone else can.  These are truly a blessing and have allowed me to understand my life on an entirely different level. 

Lately however, these gifts have taught me some tough lessons.  I sense what people around me are feeling, even when they say something completely different than their energy is reading.  I know when people are acting and speaking in a way that is not truthful towards others… or even themselves.  I see images that are meant to give me hope, or steer me towards safety when I am about to step off my path.  I hear words and messages that make me smile, other days I feel great sorrow because the world is not moving as fast as I see it moving in my head, and I lose faith in what lies ahead of me on my path. 

However, I know that whatever lies ahead for me will be amazing and wonderful.   

There are various levels of energy that surround each and every one of us. As we become more enlightened on our journey to discovering our “True Self”, we raise our personal frequency, or the vibrational energy that surrounds us.  I feel this energy constantly from the people surrounding me, and it ranges from really high to really low frequencies. 

Here is how the levels of energy map from highest to lowest:

Reasoning Data Seeker
— Victim Consciousness —

I highlighted “victim consciousness” because this is where we all have the opportunity to choose to be a victim or find the courage to step up to a higher level energy that will lead to a more positive life experience.

Some people call it intuition…. I am an empath.  Which means that I can feel when people are not being truthful to me or others.  I feel when people don’t have good intentions toward one another.  And, if I am not careful, I can find myself so connected to their energy that I get pulled down into their fears, their shame, their guilt… My only defense is to withdraw.  I have to withdraw and pray that they find their way out of their victim consciousness to a higher vibration of courage, acceptance, and eventually a reasoning data seeker.  It is then that we can have a healthy conversation that will hopefully move them towards love, joy and peace.  This is where we all deserve to be.

And, some days each of us might fall below the line, but the more we get ourselves above it, it becomes easier… and what used to take months to get over… takes days… then hours.  And, we get better at recovering from life’s setbacks… as we understand that we control our response to things… the energy we experience.  It’s all a choice.  Our choice.

Love and Light,

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