This morning I woke up singing “ch-ch-ch changes”! Change is in the air. Those who know me best know that I am a creature of habit. I like to know that this happens, then this, then this and so on. When I’m home, I like to have “lists”. I like the satisfaction of checking things off. I’m a taskmaster. I like to have direction. I don’t often like to be thrown for a loop. Some people like surprise parties, I would not be one of those people. I have an expectation for each day and I like it to follow that expectation as closely as possible.

Over the last few weeks our family (and everyone if you’re paying attention!!!) has been undergoing vast amounts of change. Change that has been both physical and emotional. First, our son finished his third grade year in school. He’s growing up so fast. Too fast. Change. Uncomfortable change. I miss the little boy who snuggled in my arms to sleep or for reassurance yet I love the boy who begs me to wrestle and play lacrosse with him and talk to him about the girl he thinks might be cute all the while he reassures me that he knows he’s just too young for a girlfriend!

I finished up my school year and packed up my classroom for the summer and possibly longer—time will tell for sure. HUGE change. Finally, my husband has had change at work requiring more travel. Again, MONUMENTAL change for all of us. I had mentioned my husband’s travel to someone who responded “I wish my husband travelled”… my first thought was how sad! Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, just as all of these billboards from God, the Universe and Angels usually do, this woman needs some change! Heck, maybe we both do! Maybe I have become too comfortable, too complacent in life. Maybe all of this change is just what I need to branch out of my comfort zone. All of a sudden, change isn’t so frightening to me… all of a sudden, I’m on a new adventure!

Tonight marks a lunar eclipse. An A-HA moment! Change… eclipse… change… I’m a little slow sometimes and often a little late the party and don’t always pay attention like I should. Of course there is so much change going on right now! The Universe has declared that we all need to mix it up a little and enjoy this eclipse as the catalyst for change. I guess change is what we make of it. I can either curl up under a rock with all of this change and be paralyzed with fear and uncertainty or I can embrace it and love what the Universe has planned for me. It’s kind of fun not knowing what’s on the agenda for tomorrow. Actually, c’mon, let’s be real, this is me we’re talking about…baby steps! I know exactly what’s on the agenda for tomorrow but let’s just say that I’m finally open to accepting, appreciating and embracing the changes to my plans that are sure to occur.

My son is growing each day. I can’t stop him, as hard as I might want to try, but I can love each new experience with him and I can sneak in those snuggles every chance I get. I may not know exactly what I am going to be doing in the fall. I may be back in the classroom or I may be in a pottery class (probably not!) or heck I may be enjoying taking care of my family full time for a change. As far as the travel issue goes… I have decided that rather than feeling sullen or down, I am going to plan. I am going to plan great meals, great times and great adventures for the days when we are all here, in one happy place. That may sound drab or draconian to some, but for me it’s pure bliss, a little taste of heaven in my home. Time with my husband and boy as well as the fur-people is what I love and cherish most in this life.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! I am ready and eagerly anticipating the changes coming forward now. I have promised myself that tonight I’ll sit outside and look up at that beautiful, glimmering moon and say a quiet prayer of thanks to God, the Universe and Angels for change! I’ll say thank you for not letting me become too stale. Heck, I may even branch out and serve breakfast for dinner for my son and myself and maybe tomorrow morning I’ll splurge and have two and a half cups of coffee! Look at me throwing caution to the wind and embracing those winds of change! Soon, I may not even recognize myself!

With Love and Gratitude,

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2 Responses to Ch-Ch-Changes!

  1. Lydia says:

    Florence your post left me “buzzing” all over. This AMAZING full moon lunar eclipse is just what we all need right now. We just don’t know it yet. Time will tell. BTW, I buzzed most when you talked about packing up your classroom… possibly for longer. Your new work is calling… I hear it and I know you do to.

    Love you, my amazing and wonderful soul sister. The journey is only just beginning, and I am so excited as I look at the road ahead.


  2. Florence says:

    We just came in from admiring it in all of its glory. Gorgeous!

    Change is good my friend, change is good! It’s everywhere and it’s good!
    Excited and in awe of what is to come!

    Love you right back…

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