I’ve been exploring a new deck of oracle cards over the past few days.  Picking a new card each day and really digging into the imagery and messages, and journaling about what each one means for me in that moment. It’s been helping me find clarity in a very chaotic space in my heart, mind, and soul right now. 

Today I picked the card labeled “Honesty”… or rather it picked me.  Earlier in the day I was contemplating a different topic to write about all together, but after this message “picked” me… I realized there was something more important for me to talk about in this moment. 

What I love the most about “Honesty” is this interpretation of the card:  “He sees you just as you are and loves you anyway”.  Wow.  Who could ask for anything more wonderful?  We all go through times when we wonder if we are good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough… will we say or do the right thing… and quite frankly…. The only thing we need to know is that when we are true and honest with ourselves, and others, it is the most attractive and beautiful thing anyone could ever ask for.  We should expect nothing less from ourselves, and those around us. 

“Honesty” is not meant to be “brutal”, but rather “truthful”.  It is meant to not only be clear in what we say or do, but also to speak with compassion and tact.  And, it is also important to note that dishonesty in the name of tact is not helpful either. 

I don’t endorse lying.  I’ve tried before, but it doesn’t work for me.  I always end up facing the karma wheel when I slip up with a “fib” or two.  Someone in my life will mirror me and faithfully return a lie to me, or spread misinformation that causes pain to me or someone else I love.  

The statement “The truth will set you free.”… is true. 

Give it a try for a day, a week, whatever you can manage.  Be truthful in a compassionate and tactful way, to yourself and those around you.  You will be surprised at the response you get.  I love that the people in my life know that what I say is my truth, and I expect the same in return.  Sometimes the truth hurts, but when delivered with compassion and tact it helps us grow, and for that I am respectful towards those who deliver it to me.

The last message from “Honesty” is that he is said to “repel monsters”.  I have seen the monsters of dishonesty destroy people’s lives.  Just remember… “Honesty sees you just as you are… and loves you anyway.”  What an amazing thing it is.

Love and Light,

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