Faith or Fear? I Choose Faith.

I am having a hard time believing these days.  It’s not that I have a lack of faith in God, but rather what lies ahead for me on my path.  A friend told me that my lack of faith in the future has something to do with fear — fear that perhaps things look too good.  Strange and somewhat hard to believe, but there is probably some validity to that thought.  Too good to be true.  Maybe… maybe not. 

I am usually pretty successful in manifesting my future.  Where I run into problems is how I expect things to be delivered to me.  I go straight into planning how things are supposed to look, the method they are supposed to arrive to me, and the timeframe.  The problem with this, is that in the end… it’s not my responsibility to determine the “how” or “when”.  This is something I always forget.  More precisely, I let my Ego get in the way… thinking “I can plan this, and do it exactly how I want it”.  Wrong.  God and the Universe bring us what we need, when we need it, and exactly how it is supposed to arrive to us.

Where “fear” comes into play for me is when I don’t trust the Universe.  I am sort of in that place right now.  I know it is counter productive to have feelings of doubt.  That doubting energy put out into the Universe attracts exactly what you don’t want.  An unsuccessful outcome.

So, tonight I am choosing “faith”.  I am shifting my energy towards a focus on what I want to manifest… without concern for how or when it gets here… just knowing that it will. I see my future and it looks amazing, wonderful and… “wow I am the happiest I’ve been in a really long time.”

Love and Light,

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