What It Really Means to Give Back

This morning, I sat next to a woman I don’t recall meeting before … but I know I have. 

We were watching our sons play baseball and were a little distracted by our own conversation.  Somehow we got on the topic of relationships and marriage.  After two minutes of talking with her, it was obvious to me that she must have prayed for some guidance regarding what she should be doing with her marriage.  I knew this, because I was her.  I was her five years ago.  It was like looking in a mirror.

She told me she was separated from her husband of ten years for the second time, and she was seriously contemplating divorce.  She was worried about what she would do to earn enough to support her family.  She was worried about the kids and how this would affect them.  God obviously put me in her path this morning.  I looked straight at her… eye to eye… and told her a message I had heard last night, and something my mother told me my entire life…

“You have to remember this one thing… through all this… you can do and achieve whatever you want to in your life.  All you have to do is believe that you can and it will happen.”

I repeated it one more time for her, but also for me.  My mother is an amazing woman who rose from her own adversity in her life.  She is my every day hero, and my constant reminder that my life has no limits.  The only limits it has, are in my mind. 

We talked some more, and during our conversation she said she had no career, no job history to fall back on… then a lightbulb went off all over her face… “but, you know what?  I am an artist… I make things with glass.” To which I replied, “Well, there you have it”.  

Later in the conversation, she asked if I dated right away after my divorce and I told her “no, because being with someone that long… you tend to lose part of who you are. You bend and sway to fit into each other’s lives, and I felt like I needed to take some time for self-exploration to see what I really wanted from the rest of my life.  And, to be certain before I contemplated bringing someone else into my life”.  I woke up ten years later remembering who I used to be, and I wanted to get some of that back.  I wanted to be true to myself and make sure that my “true self” was the one I went forward with in life.

I got her number, and yes I will be in touch with her.  I got the message loud and clear that she needed to talk to me this morning, and will probably need to again.  It’s my responsibility as both a Student and Teacher of this universe to give back. I felt like I did this morning, and maybe she walked away with some feelings of hope for the future.  It put a smile on my face to see her realize she was not alone.  I didn’t tell her what to do, but I hopefully opened her eyes to new possibilities.

Love and Light,

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  1. Rena says:

    Hallleuajh! I needed this—you’re my savior.

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