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This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it… Psalm 118

 This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.  That means THIS day.  Not yesterday or tomorrow but THIS day!  TODAY!  Please forgive my almost aggressive emphasis on the fact that I’m talking about TODAY!  However, today is relevant to me.  I just realized that I can’t change yesterday and worrying about tomorrow doesn’t help me either, however I can LIVE today. 

I’ve had a hard time writing lately… life has gotten in the way.  But you know, I’m not sure if the right things in life are in the way or if it’s the minutia that’s in the way.  Already overwhelmed, we added to our family!  My husband brought home the most beautiful baby girl.  A bulldog baby to be precise.  She has been a perfect fit in our family and the greatest friend and companion to our Golden and our son as well.  We love her.  Yet, she’s a puppy and she takes a lot of time.  The house has gone to pot…dishes sit in the sink a bit too long, beds go unmade, toilets aren’t sparkling and the laundry is piled up.  Actually, some of that laundry has just been hidden out of sight in order to stop the heart palpitating stress I have been feeling every time I see it.  I recently realized that I can write a novel in the dust that covers, well, everything!  Oh and work.  Let’s not forget my job… my students need and expect me to be prepared and not to be scattered.  That’s a challenge on a good day!

 Through all of the madness of my life, I watch our Golden play with our new baby and her with him.  They love each other and each day is a new day of euphoria for these two.  They wrestle and run and I envy the way their tongues hang out and their ears blow in the wind.  I envy their wonder and amazement as they watch a blowing leaf, or chase a ball or their tails and even when they hear the wind blow through the trees.  I love to see their amazement when they catch the rain drops on their tongues.  Then I come back inside and feel the craziness building in my chest again and find it hard to catch my breath.  Where do I start and how do I get it all done?

 Since puppy has come home with us we have been taking family walks each and every night.  All three of us.  Even the nights I haven’t wanted to go or secretly hope everyone will simply forget, it never fails that our nine year old comes bounding out with “are we going to take our family walk”?  How do you say no to that?  The other night I was, well, forgive me but just plain pissy!  I was grumpy and angry for no real good reason, just overwhelmed.  I didn’t want to walk but felt too guilty to say no so as usual we leashed the pups and we went.  I sucked in as much air as I could in the first few steps and almost instantly felt relief as I exhaled mother nature and then sucked in as much of her as I could again and again and again.  She was filling me up with energy and breathing fresh life throughout my tired body.  Then my son drew my attention to the sky and the tiny sliver of a moon that was left.  The sky was clear and the stars were glistening.  We all started talking about our son’s school and sports.  Then we were giggling at the puppy as she tried to keep up with the Golden.  Before I knew it my muscles were relaxed and we were all laughing the kind of laugh that almost makes you cry.  Mother Nature knew how to cure all of my ills that night as did my son and pups!  Their sheer joy and wonder with life and the world around them almost reinvigorated me.

 As I looked into the dark sky and the wonder of the stars and the moon that would soon disappear into its newness and reappear in days in its fullest beauty, I suddenly felt like my dogs.  Something as simple as the sky, the moon and the stars were suddenly brand new to me.  My son’s laugh and silly jokes were filling my heart with joy and love.  My husband’s gentle touch to my shoulder to get my attention gave me butterflies in my tummy all over again!  I made the decision to live TODAY!  I get it that it’s not all going to get done.  But I don’t want to miss the good stuff… the important stuff… the walks!  I understood that I can’t change yesterday and tomorrow will be here to worry about soon enough.  But today is today and I will never get today back.  It’s a one shot deal.  It’s just THIS DAY! 

God was right… this is the day He made and I will absolutely rejoice and be glad in each and every crazy, hectic and beautiful moment of it!

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