Grounding: An Important Routine to Keep Your Energy in Check

Today was a series of stress-inducing moments.  It started with a birthday party for my seven-year old, followed by a trip across town which took three times as long as normal because the highway was closed.  Lastly, the mall for shoes and a not-so-quiet dinner at a restaurant filled with other people’s children.

It’s been about 30 minutes since we got home, and my brain is still whirling, my hands are tingling and I am too wound up to even think about relaxing on the sofa. I feel more like pacing the house, because my body refuses to sit down.

Spring is here and everything is picking up energy.  The trees and flowers are starting to bloom, not to mention the weeds in my organically-treated yard. I sometime like high-energy days, but other times I feel like I need to escape to my quiet place.

I know Spring has this affect on a lot of us, so I though I would share one of my favorite grounding rituals.  It is great at getting me to a place where I am back in control of my energy instead of my environment.  You can do this anywhere, any time.

Connect with Mother Earth and Fill Yourself with White Light

A dear mentor taught me this one and the more you do it, the faster it gets. Trust me. Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor/ground (or stand whatever works for you). Doing this outside is even better because it grounds you even faster.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Clear all that clutter out of your head and focus on the process.  Picture your feet growing roots from them (sort of like tree roots) and digging themselves deep into the center core of Mother Earth. Find a large boulder, crystal, or tree branch to wrap your roots around and tug on them to make sure they are secure.

Now, take a couple more deep breaths and imagine the energy of Mother Earth coming up through your roots, your feet, up your torso and to just above your belly button.  Sometime when I do this I can smell the Earth, like I am putting my hands in my garden.

Keep your eyes closed, and start to envision a bright ball of white light above your head.  Now, picture it coming through the top of your head and flowing through you like a cleansing water.  The white light flows slowly, layer by layer, through your body from top to bottom, like a vessel.  Picture it washing away all that stress and negative energy affecting you, and replacing it with peace and calm.

Once it reaches your belly button it merges with the energy of Mother Earth who takes all of that nasty stuff from you to be cleansed and renewed by her energy as it flows down through the Earth like a filter.  Now, open your eyes and breathe in your new energy.  You should feel more grounded and peaceful.

I also like to do this in the shower every morning because the water flowing is a good way for me to visualize and feel the energy cleansing process.  I imagine the water being filled with white light and washing all the bad energy down the shower drain.

So, when you start feeling the stress of your environment, take a minute or two and do this visualization exercise and I promise you will feel better.  You might feel silly the first couple times you do it, but you will get faster and more comfortable with the process.  And, you may even find it becomes habit, just like brushing your teeth every morning.

Love and Light,

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    It’s really great that peploe are sharing this information.

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