How full is your bucket?

My bucket feels pretty full right now, but I look around and wonder if I have it filled with the right things?  Is it full of things that make me happy or sad, fulfilled, or always feeling the need for more? 

My mother used to tell me that if you haven’t worn something in a year, donate it or throw it away depending upon its condition.  I have to admit that some things I am not ready to let go of regardless of their current condition, or how many years go by and I keep pulling them out of the closet to re-evaluate –“keep, donate, or toss”.  Sometimes, clearing your closet of old things you no longer wear or are “out of date” helps you see that some of your favorite old things look new again.  That old pair of jeans that you’ve worn until they are soft and have that perfect fit.  Pair them with a new belt or blouse and there you go… “new again”.  Some things can have new life if you let them, and they work with you.

But, some things you know you have to let go of because your closet is filling up with things from the past that no longer flatter you, or are just worn out and ready for the junk pile.  Some things we recycle over and over again hoping they will fit differently, but they just fit too snug or not snug enough.  And, having them in our closet doesn’t serve us because we are not making room for the new…. or, for the old to “look” new again after you discover that favorite old pair of jeans hiding behind a truckload of old stuff.

I love the feeling of “rediscovering” things in my closet.  Seeing them in a new way.  And, some things I won’t ever throw away because I love them too much.  My personal feeling is that having one or two of these is ok as long as I have room for more.

We can look at our life this way too.  Are you hanging on to thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you?  What’s in your bucket?  It might be time to take a look.

When your bucket is full of old thoughts, feelings, situations that don’t serve you in a positive way, it’s time to let go of them and make room for new things that fulfill you in a positive way, and contribute to making your life… and the lives of those around you… better.  And, maybe in doing so you might discover that old balled up sweater you discarded to the bottom of your closet a while back now fits you perfectly.  You forgot it was even there under all that other “stuff”. 

So, take a look in your bucket, clean out your closet, till your garden and plant some new seeds for the future.  If you prepare now, come Spring and Summer you will have an amazing crop.  Sure, there may be some weeds that pop up here and there along the way, but if you tend your garden when it needs it and don’t let too much time pass, the Sun will shine on your garden and it will be fruitful.

Love and Light,

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  1. Florence says:

    Lydia… beautifully said! XOXO Florence!

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