Knowing you are on the right path

Many days I wake up and wonder if I am living the life I am supposed to be living.  Am I doing all the things I should be to contribute to the world in a positive way?  Am I taking too much and not giving enough back in return?  Am I doing the right things for my son so that he can grow up to be the most amazing person he can possibly be?  Am I giving him enough space to let him get there on his own as well? 

Some days I feel like things are just out of control, and I want to figure out as fast as I can how to wrap my hands around things and bring them closer so I can control the outcome better.  But, over time I have learned that controlling every situation is not always the best thing for me.  Some situations just need to play out on their own… in their own way… in their own time.  I need to trust that there is a greater plan that God has for all of us, and that I am not the only one involved in that plan. 

One of my advisors told me once that whenever I feel lost, I should ask for a sign that I am on the path I am supposed to be.  She told me that I am surrounded by angels and whenever I saw a feather to know instantly that I am right where I am supposed to be… in that place, at that time, experiencing whatever it is… good or bad.  I am meant to be right there, and trust that whatever is happening was designed specifically for me. 

My sign is feathers… but, you can ask for your own sign… yellow roses, a blue VW bug automobile… whatever resonates for you as a positive sign… just tell them that is what you want them to show you as a sign to validate you are on the right path.  I find feathers in the oddest places.  In the bathtub, on the ground on my walk into the office, or my walk out of the office after a long day, on my desk at work, in my car, on my kitchen floor…  But, they are there.  And every time a feather appears for me, I have an amazing sense of calm knowing that I am right where I am supposed to be.

In times of joy it could be a reward, in times of stress or anger there is most certainly a lesson for me to learn.  Which is usually my next question… “what lesson am I supposed to be learning?”, because I know that God doesn’t want any of us to suffer.  When we do, it is probably because we stopped listening for his guidance.  We let our Ego tell us that we have all the answers and for some reason… we keep hitting the same wall over and over again. 

I have learned now to ask right away when things get hard for me…. “tell me what I need to be doing to make things right”.  The answer may come from a random conversation with a friend, or I am in a bookstore and I feel overwhelmingly compelled to pick up a book… and in that book is the answer. 

So, next time you feel like you might be hitting your head against the wall, or the same issue(s) keep coming up for you.  Don’t be afraid to ask what lesson you might need to be learning… and more importantly… BE OPEN TO THE ANSWER.  It will come to you perhaps when you least expect it.  Don’t let your Ego convince you that you have all the answers already, or that perhaps that feeling of intuition you have is just your mind playing tricks on you.

You have a path… your angels can help keep you on that path… just ask, and be willing and open to listen.

Love and Light,

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